Circle CRM Group utilizes a team of professional archaeologists and palaeontologists that share its mission, goals and values in helping protect and understand historic resources in the most effective and efficient way possible. Through teamwork and collaboration, we are able to deliver consistent, quality services that allow us to meet and exceed client’s expectations. Meet some of our great people below.

Senior Management / Permit Holders
Margarita de Guzman, Principal Archaeologist
Kristin Soucey, Senior Project Manager
Jode MacKay, Senior Project Manager

Project Coordination
Kyle Belanger, Senior Archaeologist / Lead Project Coordinator
Amanda Wong, Assistant Project Coordinator / Field Archaeologist

More Permit Holders
Jordi Malasiuk, Senior Project Archaeologist (AB, SK, MB, YT, NT)
Kimberly Jankuta, Project Archaeologist (Interior BC, AB, SK, MB, YT, NT)
Braedy Chapman, Project Archaeologist (Interior BC)
Sarah Woodman, Junior Project Archaeologist (AB, SK)
Erik Johannesson, Senior Archaeologist (AB)

Field Staff
Lucas Towstego, Field Archaeologist / BC Field Supervisor
Kevin Haugrud, Field Archaeologist / BC Field Supervisor
Matt Rawluk, Field Archaeologist / AB Field Supervisor
Brooke Gerard, Field Archaeologist
Marc Storey, Field Archaeologist
Duncan Trippel, Field Archaeologist


Our principal archaeologist is Margarita J. de Guzman, who has over 15 years of experience in archaeology.  A graduate of the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, and Durham University, with degrees in Economics and Archaeology, Margarita lived and worked in Europe for 5 years before returning to Canada in 2006, quickly establishing  herself as a senior project archaeologist in Alberta. She has managed a large number HRIAs, recording numerous historic resource sites throughout her consulting career. These include projects for oil and gas developments, as well as those relating to infrastructure and residential development, to name a few. She has also managed HRIAs and HRIMs on a large scale, including those of complex multi-component campsites for large developments. Margarita is an approved permit-holding archaeologist in Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

Margarita’s work during her Masters studies involved relational artefact analysis of three sites in Central Europe, in Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic, with a research focus on formation processes and stratigraphic analyses, as well as ritual, material culture and objectification.  Her work in Europe included various projects in England, Austria, Italy and Armenia, including an Iron Age hillfort, a complex Roman bath site and an Urartu fortress.

Margarita has extensive experience and knowledge in all services related to historical resource consulting.  Most recently, she founded and co-directed the SVG Public Archaeology Program on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent, which completed two seasons of public excavations.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact her.

Follow Margarita on Twitter and check her out on LinkedIn.


Kristin Soucey is a Senior Project Manager and Permit-Holding Archaeologist (Central Interior BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Northwest Territories) with extensive experience in GIS. Kristin is responsible for a large portion of the mapping and desktop assessments conducted at Circle, having earned an M.A. and M.Sc. applying GIS to archaeology; in her Masters theses, she created a 3-dimensional model of the Lucanian site of Roccagloriosa in southern Italy and the Lunt Roman Fort near Coventry, England. Kristin has also developed archaeological management models and predictive models for large-scale operations in northern Alberta.

Kristin also has over 15 years of archaeological experience, including over 11 years in Alberta as a permit-holding archaeologist. She has been responsible for all aspects of HRIA and HRIM work for small to large-scale industry developments in Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon.


Jode MacKay is a Senior Project Manager and Permit Holder for the Interior Plateau in BC, with over 15 years of archaeological experience, including over a dozen years in Alberta as a Field Archaeologist and Site Supervisor. Jode is highly knowledgeable when it comes to diverse archaeological assemblages, having worked in a variety of sites throughout Alberta, BC, Ontario, Jordan and the Caribbean. Jode was also the Field Director for the SVG Public Archaeology Program and no one can beat him huffing through the forest. From May to November, Jode can be found leading our BC team in and around Williams Lake and Quesnel, BC.


Kyle Belanger is a Senior Archaeologist and Lead Project Coordinator with 15 years of archaeological experience in Alberta and Manitoba. A graduate from the University of Winnipeg, Kyle has extensive experience in archaeological survey and mitigation in a variety of environmental zones, including the Montane Cordillera, boreal forest, plains, parkland, and the Canadian Shield. Kyle and has also dabbled extensively and professionally in palaeontology. When Kyle is not busy studying past remains, his free time is spent roaming the back country of the Canadian Rockies.

Amanda Wong is a Junior Field Archaeologist with a BA from the University of Calgary; she has also participated in excavations in Poland and the Yukon. Amanda joined us initially as a GIS practicum student but we decided to keep her forever! Amanda plays assistant to Kyle and is a valuable asset to our GIS initiatives; she has already created two predictive models and is working on more. At some point though, we’ll get her out of the office and in the field if only to get fun photos!

Jordi Malasiuk has over 20 years of archaeological experience, having worked extensively in western and central Canada. She has a Masters degree from the University of Manitoba and has extensive experience in all aspects of archaeological assessment and mitigation for diverse projects in various sectors. Jordi says she has no fun facts for us but we don’t believe her. We’ll get it out of her this season…!


Kimberly Jankuta is a permit-holding archaeologist in Alberta and the BC Interior, with eight years of experience in cultural resource management in western Canada. With a B.A. from the University of Alberta and M.A. from the University of Trent, Kimberly has a wide range of skills that can be applied to any and all impact assessments. Her true love is Arctic Archaeology though, so we will be throwing her into the northern boreal as often as we can!


Braedy Chapman is an experienced field archaeologist with five years of cultural resource management experience in Alberta and the Interior Plateau of British Columbia. Braedy is a BC Field Director for the Interior Plateau and is well on the way to becoming a Permit-Holding Archaeologist (BC Interior), focusing on forestry projects. He has worked on a variety of sites in BC, Alberta, Yukon Territory, and Italy, providing him with ample opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while studying the human past.

Sarah Woodman is an experienced archaeologist with over ten years of experience in cultural resource management in western Canada. She has worked on large excavations and large-scale HRIAs, and in various sectors both as an assistant and supervisor. Most recently, Sarah finished her Masters degree, investigating Writing-on-Stone through the use of D-Stretch, and was approved as Field Director for the Interior Plateau and the Sub-Arctic Boreal Forest of BC, as well as permit-holder for Saskatchewan. She anxiously awaits approved permit holding status in Alberta, but in the meantime, she will happily listen to metal and do some Classical East Indian Dance for you, though probably not at the same time.

Erik Johannesson is an experienced archaeologist with over 16 years of international experience, having worked across North America and in a variety of environments around the world, including Egypt, Mongolia, Russia, Greece, and the United States. Erik has also shared his knowledge in a teaching capacity in both Washington and North Carolina, and now he will inundate us with his expertise in Alberta.


Lucas Towstego is a Field Archaeologist with a BA double majoring in anthropology and history from the University of Victoria. Based on Vancouver Island, his field school found him investigating clam gardens, but since 2013, Lucas has been part of the BC team, and has become a Field Supervisor. Fun fact: Lucas loves CMTs!


Kevin Haugrud has gained vast and varied archaeological experience in the last 6 years, working on numerous assessments and excavations in the Boreal/Subarctic, Parkland, and Prairie regions of Alberta. Kevin has also acted as a Field Supervisor in the Interior Plateau and Sub-Arctic Boreal Forest of BC, and is working towards permit-holding status in these regions. When not in the field, Kevin can be found skiing, fishing, canoeing, or some other crazy outdoor sport; apparently, archaeology just does not get him outside enough! He is also a national dance champion and Prince Rupert’s newest resident.


Matt Rawluk is completing his MA from the University of Saskatchewan, tackling spatial problems presented by the lack of stratified deposits in boreal froest archaeological sites. Matt has over 6 years of experience in CRM, having worked on numerous surveys and excavations in BC and Alberta. He also has a horseshoe up his #*! as the first site he ever discovered contained a microblade; that site was subsequently named the Rawluk site. What a claim to fame! Side note: he found two points during shovel testing last season!


Brooke Gerard is a Field Archaeologist with 5 seasons of field experience including both mitigation and survey in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. A graduate from the University of Calgary, Brooke has been working in CRM since her university days. Brooke is quite possibly the happiest person on earth; she has a great attitude and snaps into action whenever quads/argos/rhinos/people get stuck.


Marc Storey is a seasoned archaeologist with over 17 years of varied archaeological field experience from the Palaeolithic to the Modern, and extending throughout Canada and the UK. A graduate from Carleton University in Ottawa, Marc has also attained post-graduate diplomas in World Heritage and Archaeological Resource Management from Bournemouth University, and is currently completing his M.Sc. from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Marc has lots of fun facts, best told over a beer! Or two.

Duncan Trippel joined the BC team straight out of university and has taken the opportunity to learn as much as he can; he has a strong and positive attitude and is continually proving himself to be an efficient and valuable member of the team. Three seasons in and we finally have a photo of him!