Dan Aykroyd digs for dinosaurs?!!

I think people in general think that archaeology and paleontology are pretty cool, but it really takes a celebrity to bring positive publicity to a significant historic resource site, especially one in Grande Prairie.  No offense folks, but you’re not exactly a top tourist destination.  Maybe now you are, thanks to Dan Aykroyd, his wife, and their celebrity friends, which include Robert Kennedy Jr.,  John Goldwyn and Patrica Cornwell, all of whom joined a team of paleontologists at Pipestone Creek in excavating dinosaurs believed to be at least 70 million years old.  See the full article from the Edmonton Journal here.

Two things I love the most about this story, on top of the great work that’s being done out there by paleontologist Philip Currie:

(1) Robert Kennedy Jr.’s son wants to be a paleontologist. I truly believe if you expose your kids to all the world has to offer, they will find themselves… and their passion.

(2) Patricia Cornwell’s statement: “If we don’t really cherish and respect our past, no matter how long ago that past is, we cannot take care of the present or the future.”

So? Great story, now what? Bring your children on a dig, let history flow through them. Might I suggest St. Vincent?


5 thoughts on “Dan Aykroyd digs for dinosaurs?!!

  1. Good on the Akroyd family for helping bring attention to this wonderful area of the world.The article had a bit of a sour grapes tone to it though. Perhaps the author was a little put of because as one of “the greatest archaeologists in the world” she wasn’t invited to the dig site while many others in her field were there enjoying one of the richest bone beds ever discovered.

  2. Hi, Not sure who else to contact, perhaps you can help me. My mother was diagnosed Aug 19, 2010 with terminal brain cancer, so far it has not come back and she is doing very well. She lives in Ontario and I in BC. One thing she has mentioned to me is that her one thing on her “bucket list” would be to partake in an archeoligical dig. I would love for someone to be able to fulfill her dream, hopefully somewhere in canada. Do you have any suggestions as to who I might be able to contact for this? She mentioned Dan Akroyd of course, which led me to your web site. I am hoping you can help me. Thanking you in advance. Michelle Fanzega

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