Double wishlist Monday

If you’ve been in the field with me, you’ll have noticed 2 things: (1) I dislike sandwiches, and (2) I have a justifiable fear that my photos will be blurry. Enter Lytro and Kanz for making my day, and hopefully the rest of my career!

Lytro is coming out with a camera that allows you to worry about focus later, after you’ve taken the photo.  AFTER!  Not only that, you can focus and refocus anywhere in the photo, and when you share with your friends, they can do the same!  I have “reserved” my camera and cannot WAIT to play with my “living pictures.”  I just hope it’s affordable.

Next up, Kanz’s Field Kitchen. Yes, camping stoves, etc. have been around for eons but these can be pretty much complete kitchens, with workspace, cookware and field pantry. If I must eat a sandwich, at least I can grill it and make it a delicious panini. (This must be why I’ve sometimes been nicknamed a princess.)

Working in the field is great, but with these things added to the field kit, it will be even greater. Thanks again swissmiss for helping me add to my wishlist!


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