Thieves have a change of heart

It appears that a sacred stone, weighing 453 kg, was taken from Indian Battle Park near Lethbridge, Alberta, a site that commemorates the 1870 Battle of the Belly River between the Cree and the Blackfoot (they would sign a treaty one year later).  The medicine stone, sacred to the Blackfoot, was mysteriously returned the next day!  See the article in the Calgary Herald here.

The stone was reported missing by Fort Whoop-Up employees; it appeared to have been removed via a front-end loader.  Its theft is a mystery – how do you steal a giant stone without anyone noticing?  Its return is also a mystery – a troop of boy scouts had heard a loud thump, only to see a front end loader dropping off the stone.  Apparently they couldn’t catch the machine or identify the operator – that thing must’ve been pretty far away because they certainly don’t travel very fast.

My theory is that the thieves had second thoughts about stealing such a sacred stone.  Perhaps they learned about the significance of historic resources?!  That’s what I’d like to think.

Thanks LA for the tip!


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