Free photo fun with Photoscape

My mother is having a milestone birthday on the 23rd (Happy Birthday! <3) so I am, hmmm, randomly playing with photos for no reason whatsoever.  Being a big fan of the Hipstamatic application for the iPhone, I wanted to recreate these effects with regular old non-iPhone pics.  Lo’ and behold: Photoscape – free and easy photo editing software, with tons of options for frames, filters and processing.  Check out what I did with a standard photo of Majorville Medicine Wheel.  Did I mention that it’s free?  (Please donate if you can.)

Before Photoscape

After Photoscape, with adjustments to levels, contrast and colour, plus #3 Vignetting, Cali 12 Frame and Cross Process High Film Effect. Fun!


2 thoughts on “Free photo fun with Photoscape

  1. Hi Margarita,

    I just discovered your blog and think it is fantastic. I really liked the articles and have lots links to check out after the long weekend. Happy birthday to you and your mom, hope it’s a great one. Your writing is awesome, so I’ll be checking in often.

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