Skelly Photosynth

I am a big fan of TED talks; I try to watch one everyday while I’m eating my lunch.  This talk by Blaise Aguera y Arcas led me to the discovery of Microsoft Photosynth, which is too cool to keep to myself.  Because archaeology is, by definition, a destructive discipline, we tend to take quite a few pictures (and usually of the same thing).  This came in pretty handy for trying Photosynth…  I just uploaded them, then waited for Photosynth to do its magic!

This photosynth is of Burials 8 and 11 at the site of Argyle 2 on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent; spend some time and explore.  They were discovered together; actually they were stumbled upon because one of our volunteers has a knack for finding things.  We let him dig… and this is what it led to.  Keep posted for more info on these guys, and on Argyle 2.  We are working on the final report and are hoping to return next year for another volunteer field season.


5 thoughts on “Skelly Photosynth

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